First protein robot for functional food

Thundershake is the first protein robot in the world which produce precised dosed ready to drink shakes in closed cups.

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The first protein robot in the world

Selling ready-made shakes has never been so easy.

Purchase from a Polish manufacturer.

A robot specially built to sell supplements.

Patented and advanced technology for accurate mixing and shake.

- Real Shake - The only one in the world clean shake process.

No whey odors and cleaning whey litters problems are solved.

27" Touch Screen
Self-cleaning mechanism
Easy to refill
Mix and combine any flavors
Payment by card
Remote control
Guarantee-24 month + online service
24/7 work and sales reports
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and reliability


Trouble-free machine

Developed by Polish engineers, the patented shakes preparation system allows you to prepare the final mixture outside the machine, therefore we avoid the problems of the "bad protein odors" and the disposal of whey leftovers.


In every place

The customer chooses a protein cocktail in a configuration of 16 flavors. A variety of cocktails works not only in gyms. The machine can deliver full-value meal replacements or food for special medical purposes.


Universal robot

Thundershake can be placed anywhere, can be water supply connected or can be 20l water canister using filter "brita" inside of machine.


Maximize your business with the ThunderShake® app. Customers can top up their account to pay less for cocktails - right in the app. Shopping is contactless, cashless and, of course, safe.
Thanks to the safely collected data, you always know which flavors are particularly popular.

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